Glee Song Covers

Season Five: The Soundtrack Album Cover

5x20 The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

5x19 Old Dog, New Tricks

5x18 The Back-Up Plan

5x17 Opening Night

5x16 Tested

5x15 Bash

5x14 New New York

5x13 New Directions

5x12 100

5x11 City of Angels

5x10 Trio

5x09 Frenemies

5x08 Previously Unaired Christmas (Christmas Album Vol. 4)

5x07 Puppet Master

5x06 Movin’ Out

5x05 The End of Twerk

5x04 A Katy Or a Gaga

5x03 The Quarterback

5x02 Tina In the Sky With Diamonds

5x01 Love, Love, Love

Season Four: The Soundtrack Album Cover

4x22 All Or Nothing

4x21 Wonder-ful

4x20 Lights Out

4x19 Sweet Dreams

4x18 Shooting Star

4x17 Guilty Pleasures

4x16 Feud

4x15 Girls (And Boys) On Film

4x14 I Do

4x13 Diva

4x12 Naked

4x11 Sadie Hawkins

4x10 Glee, Actually (Christmas Album Vol 3)

4x09 Swan Song

4x08 Thanksgiving

4x07 Dynamic Duets

4x06 Glease

4x05 The Role You Were Born to Play

4x04 The Break-Up

4x03 Makeover

4x02 Britney 2.0

4x01 The New Rachel

Season Three: The Soundtrack Album Cover

Graduation Album

3x22 Goodbye

3x21 Nationals

3x20 Props

3x19 Prom-asaurus

3x18 Choke

3x17 Dance With Somebody

3x16 Saturday Night Glee-ver

3x15 Big Brother

3x14 On My Way

3x13 Heart

3x12 The Spanish Teacher

3x11 Michael

3x10 Yes / No

3x09 Extraordinary Merry Christmas (Christmas Album Vol.2)

3x08 Hold On To Sixteen

3x07 I Kissed A Girl

3x06 Mash Off

3x05 The First Time

3x04 Pot O’ Gold

3x03 Asian F

3x02 I Am Unicorn

3x01 The Purple Piano Project

Season Two: The Soundtrack Album Cover

2x22 New York

2x21 Funeral

2x20 Prom Queen

2x19 Rumours

2x18 Born This Way

2x17 A Night Of Neglect

2x16 Original Song

2x15 Sexy

2x14 Blame It On The Alcohol

2x13 Comeback

2x12 Silly Love Songs

2x11 The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

2x10 A Very Glee Christmas (Christmas Album Vol. 1)

2x09 Special Education

2x08 Furt

2x07 The Substitute

2x06 Never Been Kissed

2x05 The Rocky Horror Glee Show

2x04 Duets

2x03 Grilled Cheesus

2x02 Britney/Brittany

2x01 Audition

Season One: The Soundtrack Album Cover

1x22 Journey To Regionals

1x21 Funk

1x20 Theatricality

1x19 Dream On

1x18 Laryngitis

1x17 Bad Reputation

1x16 Home

1x15 The Power of Madonna

1x14 Hell-O

1x13 Sectionals

1x12 Mattress

1x11 Hairography

1x10 Ballad

1x09 Wheels

1x08 Mash-Up

1x07 Throwdown

1x06 Vitamin D

1x05 The Rhodes Not Taken

1x04 Preggers

1x03 Acafellas

1x02 Showmance

1x01 Pilot