Glee Song Covers

I am curious, how do you guys follow this blog?:

a) Tumblr

b) Wordpress

c) through google/search engine

d) typing in to search bar

e) Twitter

f) other?

(you can also send me your response to my inbox)

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  1. ithinkiambicurious answered: a
  2. punkouis answered: tumblr <3
  3. ejw16pt2 answered: Tumblr
  4. tashworth answered: Tumblr <3 i love this blog so much i have bookmarked it.
  5. adac1618 answered: tumblr
  6. elevenismyhero answered: tumblr
  7. sneakylovers answered: Tumblr
  8. fckmewithachainsaw answered: tumblr, google and searching bar *-*
  9. nyklaine-archive answered: Tumblr
  10. gleesoulmates answered: tumblr
  11. littlekaruradreams answered: Tumblr
  12. ima-live answered: Tumblr
  13. ed-brittana answered: d) For cover glee. Good job;)
  14. alpha-howl answered: tumblr
  15. gleekingsongalbums posted this