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Which performance is better?

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  1. loirarakubrick answered: Don’t Dream It’s Over
  2. johnloock answered: being alive
  3. diamond-in-the-rough-2603 answered: being alive
  4. eselene answered: being alive
  5. cosmos-in-my-nostril answered: being alive!
  6. colferlovers answered: being alive
  7. themonsterwalkingcontradiction answered: Don’t Dream It’s Over.
  8. shinzyhpfan answered: being alive
  9. renateharris answered: don’t dream is over
  10. gothicxrayne answered: NYADA for sure!!
  11. fyrachii answered: Don’t Dream It’s Over
  12. swedenarashifan answered: hard, they both had real feels… but I have to say “Being Alive” =) <3<3
  13. eyeslikeseaglass answered: Being Alive.
  14. fckmewithachainsaw answered: dont dream it’s over
  15. zeloskun answered: BEING ALIVE :D
  16. yoitsrach answered: BEING ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEE :D
  17. gleekingoutyeah answered: don’t dream it’s over
  18. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: being alive
  19. tung6769 answered: BEING ALIVE
  20. greateststar-kurthummel answered: Being Alive by far!
  21. theeleou07 answered: Being Alive
  22. muuuaksgirl answered: don’t dream it’s over
  23. bribed-with-dots answered: Being Alive
  24. gleefan499 answered: being alive
  25. prettyprouvaire answered: Being Alive!
  26. dreamwithinanightmare answered: being alive
  27. chriscolfermaniac answered: Being Alive always :)
  28. wtparchive answered: Being Alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. xentropy answered: Don’t Dream It’s Over
  30. dreamawaylove answered: being alive
  31. bitter-kurt-stan answered: Being alive
  32. scandy-johnny answered: Don’t dream it’s over.
  33. ultravioletsuperhero answered: Don’t Dream It’s Over.
  34. jenzzyuk answered: Being alive
  35. aa-cadeti answered: don’t dream is over
  36. antiquers answered: being alive
  37. reypandana answered: DDIO
  38. misstardisblue answered: Don’t dream is over
  39. chriscolferisperfect answered: being alive
  40. sevenohfivee answered: don’t dream it’s over
  41. wunderific answered: Being Alive
  42. humpezz answered: being alive
  43. kattocat answered: being alive
  44. thedildoislandexpress answered: don’t dream
  45. house-of-cohen-chang answered: I can’t choose between them. Umm I love Kurt’s version of this song but this one goes to Don’t Dream its Over
  46. baby-it-is-cold-outside answered: BEING ALIVE!!!!
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