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  1. millivinilli answered: Born This Way
  2. johnloock answered: born this way
  3. ejw16pt2 answered: Born This Way
  4. diamond-in-the-rough-2603 answered: Born This Way
  5. xblainexandersonx answered: Born this way
  6. zeloskun answered: Born This Way
  7. renateharris answered: barely breathing
  8. aa-cadeti answered: barely breathing, hands down!
  9. blaineandhisbowtie answered: Born this way.
  10. medicensam answered: BORN THIS WAY!
  11. suicidalfangirl answered: barely breathing
  12. shinzyhpfan answered: barely breathing
  13. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: born this way
  14. ithinkiambicurious answered: born this way
  15. kattocat answered: born this way
  16. fyrachii answered: Barely Breathing
  17. bribed-with-dots answered: Barely Breathing
  18. welcome-to-the-klaine-age answered: Born This Way
  19. almostraight answered: BARELY BREATHING
  20. ramaccio answered: btw
  21. jenzzyuk answered: Born this way
  22. in-my-heart-and-on-my-sleeves answered: Although I do love Blaine I am gonna have to go with Born this way
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