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Hello Gleeks, Final episode of the first half of Season 4:

Because it is Christmas and it feels wrong to not have EVERY Vol 3 Christmas song included in ‘4x10 Glee, Actually’, this weeks competition is to win Glee The Christmas Album Vol 3 Alternative Covers CD.

Answer 3 easy questions about this week’s episode ‘The Christmas Album Vol 3’ and:

With each new episode that airs you can go into the draw to win 1 of 2 CD versions of the episode’s songs.

There will be a pull out CD booklet, back cover with the song’s track number/titles a CD with the episode’s Alternative Album Cover printed on to it.

The Booklet will contain the alternative song cover art and lyrics on the side.

You have until 5:30pm GMT -5 hours (New York Time Zone) Tuesday (18th) to enter the competition

1) Brittany thinks that Marley is ___?

2) How many seconds did Kurt last in watching the Celtics game?

3) What Christmas song was filmed in black and white?

Please leave your answers in my Ask Box and if you answer correctly you will automatically go into the draw to win 1 of 2 ‘Glee The Christmas Album VOl 3’ Alternative Albums on CD

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