Glee Song Covers

This will be the last Glee Song Battle for a while, here goes:

Song Vs. Song


Which solo is merrier?

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  1. themonsterwalkingcontradiction answered: Jingle Bell Rock.
  2. wjioejiwr answered: Feliz Navidad
  3. lauraperfectinsanity answered: jingle bell rock!
  4. yeah-i-can-walk answered: Feliz Navidad!!!
  5. ejw16pt2 answered: Feliz Navidad
  6. zeloskun answered: JINGLE BELL ROCK :D
  7. psychfan26 answered: Jingle Bell Rock
  8. gettingnakedwkyle answered: Jingle Bell Rock
  9. renateharris answered: jingle bell rock
  10. unicornbrittana answered: feliz navidad
  11. kl-ine answered: feliz navidad
  12. lawandotherdrugs answered: Feliz Navided! Always!
  13. thishope-is--treacherous answered: Feliz Navidad
  14. klaine-chriscriss answered: Feliz Navidad
  15. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: feliz navidad
  16. iwillburntheheartoutofu answered: Jingle Bell Rock
  17. try-to-hide answered: Jingle Bell Rock
  18. gleektasticlove answered: Jingle Bell Rock
  19. blaine-devon-cupcake answered: feliz navidad
  20. bnaz answered: feliz navidad
  21. caramelitoazucarado answered: Jingle bell rock!
  22. medicensam answered: Feliz navidad!
  23. jenzzyuk answered: Jingle Bell Rock
  24. bribed-with-dots answered: Feliz Navidad
  25. tyboye answered: feliz navidad!
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