Glee Song Covers
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  1. jenzzyuk answered: Everybody Talks
  2. im-a-bicorn answered: That’s what the lady is a tramp(?
  3. fckmewithachainsaw answered: everybody talks
  4. mywolverhamptonboytoy answered: Puckcedes
  5. daenerysse answered: lady is a tramp
  6. zeloskun answered: The Lady is a Tramp
  7. smoakinoken answered: Lady is a Tramp. Puck and Mercedes have some “serious musical chemistry”
  8. gettingnakedwkyle answered: everybody talks
  9. bootypoppinliam answered: It’s called Jitty and they’re better~ :3
  10. smoochthatmug answered: puckcedes
  11. suicidalfangirl answered: everybody talks
  12. sabbithkeefer answered: everybody talks
  13. whitechoc-sammy answered: puckcedes!
  14. fuckingjoke-jaf answered: Everybody talks !
  15. iwillburntheheartoutofu answered: Everybody Talks
  16. moveslikeryder answered: Lady is a Tramp
  17. lauraperfectinsanity answered: Puckcedes!
  18. jenzzyuk answered: Everybody Talks
  19. blaine-devon-cupcake answered: Kake
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