Glee Song Covers
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  1. jenzzyuk answered: So Emotional
  2. notajellyfishbutaplasticbag answered: so emotional
  3. renateharris answered: me against the music
  4. ming-nasty answered: SO EMOTIONAL
  5. zeloskun answered: Me Against the Music
  6. margery-tyrell answered: Me against the music! :)
  7. brittanaheyaaa answered: Me against the music
  8. themonsterwalkingcontradiction answered: So Emotional.
  9. pezberryarmy answered: So Emotional
  10. sabbithkeefer answered: me against the music
  11. whoisthetruealpha answered: So Emotional
  12. fckmewithachainsaw answered: me against the music
  13. santanalo-pez4 answered: me against the music
  14. duckmates answered: so emotional
  15. kattocat answered: me against the music
  16. youwillshelterme answered: brittana!
  17. moveslikeryder answered: Brittana!!
  18. purrpickle answered: So Emotional, sorry not sorry. :D
  19. leahmchele answered: so emotional
  20. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: so emotional
  21. sofiagleekberry answered: So emotional
  22. laheyjackson answered: so emotional.
  23. justasmalltowngirl95 answered: So Emotional
  24. reypandana answered: me against the music!
  25. nayamariegomez answered: Me Against The Music
  26. apsluk answered: so emotional
  27. jackykay answered: So Emotional. Me Against The Music might have been hot and all but Lea and Naya sound a lot better together.
  28. humpezz answered: so emotional
  29. sanlopezslytherin answered: so emotional
  30. yunnanmom answered: Brittana…Me Against the Music
  31. kl-ine answered: so emotional
  32. littlekaruradreams answered: Me Against the Music
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