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Finchel Song vs. Brittana Song


Which song is better?

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  1. iletaitungif answered: CHERISH / CHERISH
  2. ronrebel answered: Cherish/Cherish
  3. jenzzyuk answered: Without You
  4. sneakylovers answered: Cherish / cherish
  5. amountofwhats answered: Cherish/Cherish
  6. elvendork-in-tardis answered: without you
  7. themonsterwalkingcontradiction answered: Without You.
  8. zeloskun answered: Cherish/Cherish
  9. gecatec answered: cheeerrriisshhhhhh
  10. sabbithkeefer answered: without you
  11. wolf-pants answered: cherish/cherish
  12. lifeistooshortso-live answered: Finchel
  13. leamichelecorymonteith answered: WITHOUT YOU !!
  14. notajellyfishbutaplasticbag answered: cherish/cherish fuck you FINN!
  15. inigopicklepockettickletock answered: Without You
  16. nayamariegomez answered: Cherish/Cherish
  17. thishope-is--treacherous answered: Without You, even though I love Brittana <3
  18. standyouregonnarunagain answered: cherish/cherish!!
  19. mybabydollnamedheather answered: Cherish/Cherish
  20. kattocat answered: cherish/cherish
  21. stefi327 answered: cherish/cherish all the way!
  22. rkgg94 answered: C/C
  23. celebritiesandmovies answered: cherish/cherish
  24. reypandana answered: cherish
  25. ladiesaremyfave answered: omg brittana fo sure, first mouth-on-mouth kiss
  26. moveslikeryder answered: Cherish!!
  27. itssantittanybitch answered: Cherish/Cherish
  28. yunnanmom answered: cherish…duh
  29. sanlopezslytherin answered: Without you
  30. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: cherish/cherish
  31. millivinilli answered: Cherish/Cherish
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