Glee Song Covers

sorry Finchel but the Samcedes-Brittana fans have spoken.

And now this beautiful collaboration will be destroyed by these otp fandoms to battle it out head to head


…. who will win?

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  1. jenzzyuk answered: Cherish/Cherish
  2. stumblingcloser answered: Samcedes/Human Nature
  3. supersuperkawii answered: Not fair! Lol… I love them both. But Cherish/Cherish is my all time fav song (although Samcedes is my Glee OTP love)
  4. iletaitungif answered: CHERISH / CHERISH
  5. tv-has-ruined-me answered: this isn’t fair at all lol
  6. i-miss-those-blueeyes answered: cherish/cherish
  7. itssantittanybitch answered: Cherish/Cherish
  8. thepottergal answered: Human Nature Samcedes
  9. cbreschy answered: Human Nature!
  10. bribed-with-dots answered: Cherish/Cherish
  11. hakunamatata-56 answered: HUMAN NATURE!!!!
  12. trnsnicky answered: CHERISH !!
  13. disney-is-better-than-people answered: cherrish/cherris
  14. lullabiesandgoodbyes answered: If this is a song battle, Samcedes wins either way… :p But I’m going with Human Nature, even though I also love Cherish/Cherish.
  15. tested-and-secure answered: How dare you. Ugh I guess Brittana - Cherish/Cherish
  16. msprettyandbabychord answered: Human Nature!!!
  17. beardstreet answered: BOTH
  18. mizjojo-b answered: human nature
  19. allthatweseeandseem answered: cherish/cherish
  20. evermorelover answered: Samcedes-Human Nature
  21. wolf-pants answered: cherish/cherish
  22. allie-shades answered: CHERISH
  23. icomefromaplanet answered: cherish/cherish brittana
  24. venustusthegreat answered: Human nature!
  25. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: cherish/cherish
  26. pleasecall911 answered: cherish/cherish
  27. birttana answered: birttana
  28. landofstoriesinmypants answered: Cherish
  29. spartyzgirl answered: Human Nature!!!
  30. comtemuffin answered: cherish/cherish
  31. likecartoon answered: hn, of course
  32. wonderlandkittykat answered: cherish/cherish
  33. yunnanmom answered: cherish
  34. dancinginthemoonlight18 answered: cherish/cherish
  35. sneakylovers answered: Cherish / cherish
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  37. tv-shit-i-like answered: cherish/cherish
  38. pancakeshio answered: cherish!
  39. lorimasse answered: Cherish/Cherish
  40. millivinilli answered: Human Nature
  41. chickenbetty answered: Cherish/Cherish
  42. jenzzyuk answered: Cherish/Cherish