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Which classic is better?

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  1. jenzzyuk answered: You Get What You Give
  2. bowtiestomygoldenpants answered: don’t speak ! **
  3. dreams-and-inspiration answered: Don’t Speak :)
  4. zeloskun answered: Don’t Speak
  5. edadenizhan94 answered: Don’t Speak
  6. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: you get what you give
  7. fuckingjoke-jaf answered: Don’t speak
  8. themonsterwalkingcontradiction answered: You Get What You Give.
  9. neezieetee answered: Don’t Speak!
  10. ronrebel answered: Don’t Speak
  11. renateharris answered: Don’t Speak
  12. darkdream94 answered: Don’t Speak
  13. lauraperfectinsanity answered: You Get What You Give
  14. fyrachii answered: don’t speak
  15. reypandana answered: you get what you give
  16. buried-pleasure answered: Don’t Speak
  17. klainemaycome answered: Don’t speak
  18. wolfsfall answered: don’t speak
  19. disneyprincessgleek answered: Don’t Speak!
  20. on-myy-way answered: You Get What You Give
  21. millivinilli answered: You Get What You Give
  22. crisscolferaredoingzumbazumba answered: Don’t speak!
  23. brittana-run-the-world answered: Don’t Speak
  24. bribed-with-dots answered: Don’t Speak
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