Glee Song Covers
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  1. haflblood-deact answered: Dark Side. (so sorry, Kurt!)
  2. renateharris answered: dark side
  3. clrktavia answered: I have nothing
  4. bribed-with-dots answered: Dark Side
  5. sabbithkeefer answered: dark side
  6. anzu-chii answered: I HAVE NOTHING
  7. neezieetee answered: dark side
  8. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: i have nothing
  9. gleehead answered: I Have Nothing
  10. a-study-in-scarhead answered: Dark side
  11. rideashton answered: Dark Side! [:
  12. lolo-riane answered: Dark Side
  13. motherfickle answered: I Have Nothing.
  14. lauraperfectinsanity answered: Dark Side <3
  15. ramaccio answered: dark side
  16. puckkurt answered: I have nothing
  17. justandylm answered: i have nothing :3
  18. bitter-kurt-stan answered: i have nothing
  19. melody-of-a-cloud answered: Dark Side
  20. theleftboobgrabber answered: i have nothin :)
  21. christpaulcolf answered: i have nothing
  22. jenzzyuk answered: Dark Side
  23. twogirlsmontreal answered: dark side!
  24. eselene answered: I have nothing!!
  25. iguana-v answered: omg! WHY!? I CANT!
  26. stark-industries-rd answered: Dark Side
  27. wtparchive answered: DARK SIDE !!!! OMG OMG OMG !!!
  28. skyenichol answered: this is a tough one but I’ll go with the Dark Side
  29. onceuponashipper answered: i have nothing by far!!
  30. troyesivanmyqueen answered: I HAVE NOTHING ALL THE WAY:D
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