Glee Song Covers

This is really hard, I simply cannot choose which songs are better this episode. So I have to cull out 2 songs but they are no reflections on the songs.

Song Vs. Song


Which song is better?

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  1. evermorelover answered: a thousand years
  2. ronrebel answered: A Thousand Years
  3. tea-party-with-auntie-snixx answered: torn
  4. loirarakubrick answered: Torn
  5. zeloskun answered: A Thousand Years
  6. nikkinickita answered: a thousand years
  7. ejw16pt2 answered: a thousand years
  8. yellowroad23 answered: torn
  9. obriensbeard answered: Torn
  10. corys-angel answered: Tonr
  11. angelcalipso answered: torn
  12. ithinkiambicurious answered: torn
  13. fckmewithachainsaw answered: torn
  14. kill-napoleon-in-rags answered: torn
  15. theleftboobgrabber answered: torn!
  16. gettingnakedwkyle answered: Torn
  17. margery-tyrell answered: Torn
  18. wonderlandkittykat answered: Torn
  19. johnloock answered: thousand years
  20. yukikiberry answered: Torn
  21. allmonchele answered: Torn
  22. sparklejumpqueen answered: torn
  23. signedtheresa answered: a thousand years
  24. iletaitungif answered: a thousand years
  25. antman101 answered: TORN
  26. themodone answered: Torn
  27. krasinnski answered: torn
  28. clarkegriffinsking answered: A Thousand Years
  29. humpezz answered: torn
  30. monteithhudsons answered: Torn
  31. neezieetee answered: a thousand years
  32. auralikethesun answered: a thousand years
  33. viva-la-jarvis answered: Torn.
  34. gleektasticlove answered: a thousand years
  35. eliana-agron answered: torn hands down
  36. bribed-with-dots answered: Torn
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