Glee Song Covers

Happy New Year everyone (and so much for my Hiatus *cough*)

I just want you ask you a few questions today (Glee related questions):

1. What was the last Glee episode you watched in 2012?

2. What was the first Glee episode you watched in 2013?

3. Which character’s story line are you looking forward to the most this season?

4. Pick a song that you would like in season four and who do you want to sing it?

5. What tribute episode would you like in season four?

6. Do you want; more, less, or the current amount of NYC story lines?

7. Which couples are endgame in your opinion?

8. Who’s solo album (when they come out) do you want to listen to the most?

9. Ryan, Ian, or Brad?

10. Season 1, 2 ,3 or 4?

My answers: 1. Dynamic Duets, 2. Silly Love Songs, 3. Santana Lopez’s, 4. Bitch by Meredith Brooks sung by Naya Rivera (though this song would have been better in like season 2 or something) , 5. Spice Girls Tribute, 6. Current amount but with more characters, 7. Brittana and Klaine, 8. Naya Rivera’s, 9. Ian Brennan, 10. Season 2.

Now I want to hear your answers so please leave them in my ask box if you feel like answering :)