Glee Song Covers

Well I’m not because I would prefer to see them in NYC just so that we can watch their pure love and happiness on our TV screens.

But what I love about this vacation is that they have left all of their doubt and angst from the previous year behind and all they are taking is their love for one another with them.

As Brittany stated that she only cares to hang with the best people that she knows, that being Santana and herself.

And that is the crux of their entire relationship, friendship and connection. They don’t care about anyone else but each other. This could be seen as being insanely vain or self-centered but in all honesty they don’t give a crap. They put up with the world, they love when the world realises their talents and awesomeness but they are never doing it for others, they are doing it for themselves.

There is only so much of the rest of the world that Brittana care about, sure there are amazing things that you can do in it but at the end of the day just being with one another is enough.

I mean even if MIT and Broadway are not Brittany and Santana’s real dreams, these two worlds are massive which means that it takes a massive reason to leave them all behind. Santana does not give up Broadway because she has a plan set out to become a star on her own terms and Brittany does not give up MIT because she knows what she is going to do with her real passions in life.

No, these two women gave up these worlds simply because they really don’t compare to just being with each other. Simply put they are each other’s entire worlds, every other success that they receive in life is just an added bonus.

Brittana is love…just love