Glee Song Covers

Okay here is a step by step tutorial on how I made this cover:

1) HERE is the link to the original image and shrunk it down to 900x691px

2) dragged the image into a 500x500px template

3) Duplicated the image and set the layer to 'softlight' at 70% opacity.

4) Added a 'curve layer' and used the 'lighter (RGB)' preset. Input: 103 Output: 125

5) Added a 'levels layer' set at 0-1.21-235

6) Added 'selective color layer' and adjusted the colors

7) Added the text. The font is Tandelle. ‘Stutter’ - size 120pt ‘Darren Criss|HOB: LA’ size 24pt. 

8) Added 'drop shadow effect' to the text. 'multiply' at 75%. Distance-2, Spread-0, Size-2

9) Then finally added the border. the white line is 500x2px on a 500x500px black template. flatten image.

10) Copy and paste it onto your cover and set the layer to 'screen' 

and you have yourself a border and finished product.

Hope this helps tigercriss.